European House Plans For The Perfect European Style Home

European House Plans For The Perfect European Style Home

Known as residential planners and designers, organizations like Nelson Design Group offer a wide range of choices for home designing and planning. Among the various types of designs, one type that has always been popular is the European style.

Characteristics of a European House Plan

The European House Plans is one of the most adaptable styles that can fit in to any kind of environment. It could either be a country house or a town house, but its style is unmatched. It is probably for this reason that it has become pretty popular in the United States. Large or small families both like to select house plans based on the European style. Mentioned below are its characteristics that have an important role to play in its popularity.

* There are usually one or two stories with the second one disappearing under the roof. It is also called the attic.

* The roof extends way down to the windows.

* Gables can be witnessed in this home design.

* The exterior is done in brick, stone, or stucco.

* There is a fair amount of ornamental designing to be noticed.

* The rooms are fairly large with small gathering areas marked out. Even if the rooms are a little small, the open floor space gives it a large feel.

* Many homes have all the sleeping rooms on one level with the master bedroom being relatively larger.

* One can usually find a fireplace in the living room.

* There are large foyers incorporated in the design to welcome lots of natural light.

* The kitchen often has an open area in front of it along with a small kitchen garden.

Types of European Designs

Be it new homes or renovation of an existing one, the job of designing a house according to preferences is a big task. The real estate industry has many options to choose from and each purchased home can be customized as per choice. If you like European designs, you should get acquainted with the various types of European designs and accordingly make your pick.

* The French Country homes are characterized with steep roofs, gables and dormers, and a multiple roof element. They often have a central door with striking architectural designs giving an impressive appearance.

* The Tudor plans have a distinctive exterior displaying whitewashed plaster and dark beams. They have very steep gables, large chimneys, and tall narrow windows.

* The Norman plan is inspired by the Normandy style of France. The roof is cone shaped and has dormers and flared eaves. It has casement windows and chimneys at both ends.

* The Chateauesque house plan is highly ornamental and poses a striking feature both in its interiors and exteriors. It is often known as very formal and highly fashionable.

The European home design carries with it an air of elegance and comfort that has made it so popular. Due to the cozy atmosphere it exudes, it is one of the most desirable designs. This fact is well understood by designers like Nelson Design Group. They specialize in various types of home plans and have a section completely devoted to the European style.

At Nelson Design Group, our goal is to provide each client with a european house plans that perpetuates a constant feeling of pride. Each owner should step into their dream home every day knowing they made the best decision possible, not only with their home but with their surroundings.

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