Design Styles for your New Home

Design Styles for your New Home

One of the best parts of buying a new home is getting to decorate each room to fit your family’s personal style. Decorating turns a house into a home. Here are a couple great styles to choose from:

Shabby Chic – Shabby chic is a very feminine design aesthetic that incorporates white interiors, distressed furniture and soft pastels. Shabby chic is often referred to as cottage, English country or romantic design and accessories range from distressed picture frames and chandeliers to old china and quilts.

Neoclassical – Neoclassical style is making a comeback for interior design choices and gives your home a stately and lavish look. Furniture is light, graceful and high quality. Curtains are patterned and flowing, and it’s highly likely to find accent walls of geometric wall-paper.

Mid-Century Modern – Mid-century modern was a popular style in the 1960s and is making a comeback in the 21st century for its funky and functional feel. Furniture is often smooth and geometric, with brightly colored fabrics. Teak furniture, egg-shaped chairs and globe-like lighting are typical of the Mid-Century Modern era.

Eclectic – Eclectic design is a varied style that mixes multiple styles and colors. An eclectic home can combine mid-century modern furniture with neoclassical geometric prints, or a shabby chic base of white with contemporary and classical flare. An eclectic design is fully up to the homeowner’s tastes and creates a very realistic and homey look. Some of our Cherry Creek homes for sale have a delightfully eclectic style.

Contemporary – A contemporary look uses solid colors and sleek lines. The latest trend in contemporary design is natural woods and textures as well as whites, blacks and grays. Furniture is often simple, with straight lines and sharp corners. There are typically few accent pieces in a contemporary home, which add to its clean, open feel.

Tuscan – A Tuscan feel originated in Italy and includes rich reds and rust colors, similar to the clay brick you could find in Italian country sides. Wall and floor colors are typically more muted, and accent colors can range from deep, dark browns to yellows and tans. A Tuscan look is warm and inviting, and can be accented with ornate ironwork, marble and gold.

Traditional – A traditional style is often timeless, and will not need constant updating. A typical traditional home will use jewel tone colors and coordinating hues. Silks and satins are often used in a traditional style and accent pieces include less ornate mirrors, wall sconces and floral arrangements.

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