Cozy Cottage Dollhouse

Cozy Cottage Dollhouse


There is a wide assortment of miniature houses, each with its own distinct qualities and the one that looks most inviting is the cottage dollhouse. As a replica of homes that are usually seen in fairy tale stories, a cottage dollhouse makes a great gift for little girls. It may, likewise, be a welcome addition to a miniature collection. 
Cottages picture simple country living. This way, it offers a cozy and comfortable feeling. These were first seen in Medieval Europe as housing units that were intended for farmers and their families. Nevertheless, these houses became most popular in the early part of the 20th century. These were the best alternative for those who were looking for inexpensive homes. These are, usually, made of stone and inexpensive materials. They come with advantages of easy construction and low maintenance. 
At present, this type of structure serves different purposes. It is a common choice of a get-away home of those who live in the city. It is designed for those who look for the serenity of nature. For this reason, it functions as a summer vacation house. Most come with a scenic backdrop of hills or mountains. A cottage house is, usually, situated in forested areas, beside a lake or an ocean.  This allows its inhabitants to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting or fishing. 
With its relaxed ambience, it is a type of home that is favored by retired employees, whose other family members have moved away. It, usually, comes with a patio or porch where one can stretch out and enjoy the fresh breeze of the countryside or ocean. While most are intended for the dwelling of single families, some are built with multi-family plans that are suited for rentals and other investment purposes.
Since cottages are considered as second homes, they are smaller as compared to an owner’s first house in the city. They can choose to build it by themselves with any of the do-it-yourself plans, nowadays. On the other hand, they can have them custom-built by the experts, according to their preferred specifications.
As beautiful and relaxing as real cottages, the miniature versions will charm little girls and collectors. Well known brands like KidKraft and Greenleaf have their own cottage dollhouse models that are built to last with their sturdy construction and high quality materials.
KidKraft offers the County Lane Cottage that has everything kids need to play for endless hours. It is pre-assembled and comes with eight pieces of furniture plus two 2.5 inch dolls, though; it can accommodate 5 inch dolls. This is large enough for multiple children to play. It has a handle on top of the roof to allow kids to bring it along on their adventures.
Greenleaf has an unassembled, 1 inch scale Coventry Cottage Dollhouse Kit that any miniature collector would love. It is ideal for beginners. It is unassembled and unfinished.  It is ready to paint so collectors can select the colors they prefer. It comes in 2 stories and 3 rooms, two of which are found underneath its L-shaped attic. It has a hanging swing in an elegant porch with pillars that provide a cozy atmosphere. It, also, includes shingles and furnishings.
A cottage dollhouse, in its simplicity, can catch they eye of any onlooker. While it is only a miniature, it can serve as an inspiration of building the  house that you have, always, dreamed of.

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